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Back in Brisbane

Who would have thought that we could inspire someone to go on a cycling trip before we even get on our bikes? What would George W. call it... pre-emptive inspiration?

Actually, they've been planning this for about a year now. Simon Vivian has arrived up in Brisbane to go with his brother David (from Week 18) and two other mates, Smackers and Dave, on the Cycle Queensland tour! It's a 543km ride from Bundaberg to Brisbane. That's quite a feat!

They've trained hard (well, not really), pumped up (maybe their tires), and prepared themselves for the mental stress of biking 75-100 kilometers a day (with a little help from Dr. XXXX). They're in good spirits, and, ladies of planet Earth, believe it or not, they're all single...
it's raining men...

That's right, these four hot bods are unattached and on the prowl. Who cares that Cycle Queensland male participants outnumber the females 4 to 1? That means there'll still be three of them for the other 3 billion ladies out there to drool over when the race is over. Who wants some? Huh? Who wants it?

Let's meet our four eligible bachelors this week...

Bachelor #1: David

Age: 39
Sign: Aquarius
From: Camira
Job: Construction

What should ladies know about you?
"I have absolutely nothing
to offer you."
Bachelor #2: Simon

Age: 37
Sign: Pisces
From: Horsham
Job: Teacher

What kind of girl interests you?
"My only requirement is that
she must be female."
Bachelor #3: Smackers

Age: 39
Sign: Pisces
From: Melbourne
Job: Accountant

What's sets you apart from others?
"I don't really have red hair."
Bachelor #4: Dave

Age: 28
Sign: Gemini
From: Springfield
Job: Pest Control

What's your best pickup line?
"Here I am, come and get me! Rowr!"

So, what do you think? Who's the best catch?
We're letting you decide! Will it be...

Bachelor #1? Bachelor #2?
Bachelor #3? Bachelor #4?

The polls are closed. Results are on Week 47.
(By the way, if anyone wants to take it to the next level, just email us, and maybe we can hook you up.)
Simon Says:
Age: 37
Job: Teacher
Mdl Name: Andrew
Birthplace: Waracknabeal, VIC

Simon Loves:
Favourite Movie:
4 Wed. & A Funeral
Favourite Song:
Brown Eyed Girl
Footy Team:
Essendon Bombers
Colour: Blue

Simon Hates:
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My bank balance.

If you could change one thing about your brother, what would it be?
Definitely the hair.

meet bachelor #2
Since you learned all about what a nice guy David is back on Week 18, we thought we should tip the scales back a bit by telling you all about his brother, Simon. You won't find out any of this on Parent Teacher Night...

Why did you become a teacher? Because every day is different, and I love to learn.
If you weren't a teacher, what yould you want to be? If I didn't want to be a teacher, I wouldn't be one. I'm doing exactly what I want to do.
What do you do in your spare time? Bike riding, reading, shopping, spending time with friends and listening to music.

If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who? Maybe... Jon Lennon? Or Queen Elizabeth.
What is your most embarrassing moment? I know I've had lots of little ones, but it's got to be the time we were collecting worms for fishing, and the best place to get worms was the sewerage farm. I needed to cross a ditch, which looked like it had a crust on the surface, but when I took a step I ended up waist deep in raw sewerage.
If you were a food, what would you be? These are getting tough... hmm... I think I'd be bread. It's versatile, healthy, goes with everything. No one hates bread.
What's your scariest dream? Well, I had a dream that I was at my own wedding, that was pretty scary!

Why aren't you married? No beautiful girls have asked me. Maybe it's because I'm selfish and I don't share!
Describe your ideal woman. We'll start small: someone who likes me. Actually, I'd like someone who likes the same things as me, I can converse with, and isn't afraid of compromise. And though it's last on the list, money and good looks don't hurt either.
Who was your high school crush? Jenny McRae.

Interview conducted by Emma, Jess, and Millie.
where's wally wombat?
Simon's here! Simon's here! Wally is jumping for joy, because his old buddy Simon from Horsham 298 is here! It's good to see a familiar face. Wally was getting homesick!

It's really really tough to find Wally this week! Keep your eyes peeled!

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collection Fairies caught:75 Fairies to go:Spiderman Level:Scorpion Today's Weather:
One of the pros on the list of reasons to come back up to David's had to be Zanzarah, with a capital Z (pronounced 'Zed')! I know we were trying to reason that David's is cheaper, it's getting late in the year, better to start North, blee blee blee, but what I was really thinking was "Zanzarah... Zanzarah..." I'm only two fairies away from collecting all 77! And I have 28 of the pixies! Eeee hee hee! I just need a few more trips to the Enchanted Forest to find Grem and Beltaur! Giggle!
  This is Kevin, by the way.

"Stupid farmers... Why don't they pray for something useful, like an Essendon Premiership?."
- David.
si hi! Dinner:Lasagna Dessert:Muffins Today's Weather:
Did we ever tell you the story of how we ended up at David's? Back in Horsham, I went to visit my old primary school. We met a tall, lanky guy named Simon in the staff room and chatted with him for about 10 minutes, and he said, "When you get to Brisbane, look up my brother." We did, and that guy was David. And we've been here ever since.
  Anyway, Simon's up for a visit.

"If your buddies ask how you got rich and you say you had sex with Robert Redford, they'd laugh and say 'bullshit,' but if you tell them that someone dared you to eat spew, they'd say 'That's disgusting, I'm going home.'"
- Kevin.
thanks a mil Diaries:Games:3Sombreros:Today's Weather:
Happy birthday dear Millie... Happy birthday to you! David's youngest daughter just turned 10! Loaded with energy and a joie de vivre, Millie picked the Sizzler for her birthday eats. Who needs birthday cake when you've got all you can eat salad bar with tiramisu, pavlova and sticky date pudding? Not Millie, that's for sure! Nor Dr. Zaius sitting next to her!

"I produce a lot of waste product."
- David.
brush with stupidity    Huntsman!Today's Weather:
I was going to do one of those drawn out, suspenseful, Brush With Death style writeups, but I think the events of this afternoon can be summed up with David's comment: "Hang on, let me see if I can get him to crawl on my tongue." Enough said.
  (Incidentally, he mentioned later that the only reason he didn't try harder was that he was afraid it would scurry down his throat. Guess he's not so stupid after all!)
David: "We should consider doing one of the legs of Cycle Queensland in the nude."
Kevin: "Yeah, the third leg."
road warriors Total Distance:543km Days:Today's Weather:
This is it! Cycle Queensland Eve! Simon and David did a bit of training today to prepare for the big ride. Yep, they hopped on their bikes, plunked on their helmets and rode all the way up to the end of the block!
  Tonight, their best mate Smackers flies in to the airport at 8:30, and from there, they've got about 5 hours to catch up with each other before tomorrow's departure...

"That's why I brought a three-man tent, er, a one-man-two-ladies tent."
- The Other Dave.
early start Awake:2am Awake again:9am Today's Weather:
...at two o'clock in the frickin' frackin' morning. I don't know who dreamed up Cycle Queensland, but I think if it was me I would have made sure the Brisbane participants got a little more sleep the night before the big first day. The four boys head over to a carpark by three o'clock, to catch a five hour shuttle to Bundaberg, the starting point, and boom, off they go. They could have upped the price another 50 bucks, had the shuttle ship out at three the afternoon before, and have everyone get a good night's rest at Hotel Duluth.
  Anyway, best of luck, guys. 54 km on one hour of sleep. You'll need it.

"Lift me up like a cow!"
- Aimee.
so lucky Hours of Kylie:Albums Sold by Kylie:13,000,000 Today's Weather:
All Day! All Kylie! Only on MTV!
  What do you know about Kylie Minogue? Did you know she played Charlene Mitchell on the Aussie soap opera Neighbours? Did you know she and her co-star Jason Donovan were lovers both on and off the screen? Did you know that her first hit I Should Be So Lucky (lucky lucky lucky) was a Number 1 hit for six weeks? Did you know in that song she says the word "lucky" 65 times in three minutes? Did you know her middle name was Ann?
  Now let me ask the most important question... Do you care?

"How does one do the Locomotion? Besides the swing-your-hips bit."
- Kevin.

who's your daddy?
These Aussies have got everything backwards. Would you believe that Fathers' Day is the first Sunday in September? It's supposed to be in June! Anyway, in celebration of Fathers' Day, we've got a little contest for you.

First, meet the daddies...





These are some of the newest daddies we know. At least, three of them are daddies; we threw in an extra non-daddy to make the contest a little tougher. Can you match the baby with his or her daddy? Good luck!
Noam Andie Matt
Dean's my daddy!
Michael's my daddy!
C.B.'s my daddy!
Mike's my daddy!
Dean's my daddy!
Michael's my daddy!
C.B.'s my daddy!
Mike's my daddy!
Dean's my daddy!
Michael's my daddy!
C.B.'s my daddy!
Mike's my daddy!

Your full name:

Your email address:

For your sake, and for the sake of these babies, you'd better be right!

piker: (n.) one who says he's going to do something, but pulls out at the last minute. Verb form: to pike. One who pikes is a piker.
piker: Whaddya mean you're not coming skydiving, you piker?!
pike: Smackers signed up for the Cycle Victoria ride, but he piked.

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