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The topics discussed here may not be as humourous as reading about our Brushes with Death or barracking for Fat Bastard in the Cane Toad Races. If you thought you were going to enjoy more adventure on this page, you'd better take the express train outta here...

If however, you're a journalist who's looking for a great story, or a teacher who's searching for the best "classroom visitors," or someone who wants to give us an honourary degree in psychology... welcome.

media clippings
There's nothing we love more than articles about us with the word "wacky" in the headline. They're so much better than articles that start with "Couple stumbles across..." or "Couple found in..."

For the past year, we've been turning our adventures into a regular column in Australian Cyclist. Tens of thousands of cyclists throughout Australia have been following us along at every turn of our pedals. We've whinged, we've celebrated and we've just made the cover of the magazine! Best of all, now you can read the entire series online!

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Our trip to Tasmania is featured in the March Issue of Leatherwood Online, the newest and coolest site about all things Tasmanian.

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Watch for Kevin's feature article, No Excuses, in an upcoming issue of WellBeing Magazine.

WellBeing Online

Melbourne Herald Sun Weekend Magazine!
We're thrilled to bits that the Herald Sun did a feature on our ride around Australia entitled Around Australia on a Lawn Chair. Published so that it came out the same week that our expedition ended, the two-page article is now one of our favourite interviews, thanks to the unique questions posed by journalist, Claire Sutherland.

world of fun for couple of three-wheelers The Mercury
September 26 2003
spreading the word on tasmania The Advocate
September 11 2003
canadian cyclists return Horsham Mail-Times
August 20 2003
edenhope newspaper article Edenhope
August 2003
kingston newspaper article Kingston
August 2003
murray bridge newspaper article Murray Bridge
August 2003
gawler newspaper article The Bunyip
July 2003
honeymoon on bicycle made for two Leader Messenger
July 2003
wedding vows in tandem Esperance Express
May 15 2003
albany newspaper article Albany Advertiser
April 28 2003
tandem two reach busselton Busselton-Margaret Times
April 9 2003
dunsburough newspaper article The Dunsburough Mail
April 7 2003
double trikes for keen touring couple West Australian
March 27 2003
big kev sheds 25kg on epic ride Geraldton Guardian
March 8 2003
beimers on high at halfway Midwest Times
March 8 2003
broome newspaper article The Broome Advertiser
January 15 2003
tennant creek newspaper article Tennant Creek
November 18 2002
mount isa newspaper article Mount Isa
November 1 2002
airlie beach newspaper article The Guardian
October 12 2002
couple tours nation on bike built for two Daily Mercury
October 10 2002
childers newspaper article Childers News
September 30 2002
local bikers tackle the australian outback Thunder Bay Post
August 30 2002
local couple continues their wacky adventures Chronicle Journal
July 30 2002
canadian returns, 20 years down the track Wimmera Mail-Times
July 7 2002

press releases
Occassionally we like to start our own rumours. We usually do this by alerting the mass media of some crazed larger-than-life adventure we're about to start. The downside of this is we usually find that once we've told others about it, we have to actually do it.

canadian cyclists conquer the australian kimberley Jan 14 2003
tandem two cycle into the outback Oct 13 2002
an outback adventure Sept 1 2002
bikeabout: a new approach to the australian outback June 14 2002
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Since we tend to go flapping our gums about everything and anything when we're talking to people, we thought it might be best if we agreed on some of the finer points of our lives. Here's our attempt at creating a unified front to the masses.

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