week 23...
in training

Camira, QLD

Wouldn't you love to be biking around Australia with a supermodel like this? Thanks to our sponsor Colibri Sports, Aimee's lookin' fine, sleek and aerodynamic in her Noret jersey. We practically look like real honest-to-goodness cyclists!

I guess this means the trip is starting soon, which brings us to our next little event...

everybody into the pool!
Now presenting... the Bikeabout Betting Pool! Your job was easy: just answer the following 10 questions, trying to predict what we can expect on this crazy trip. Then we have the hard part. We actually have to bike around this gi-normous continent.

At the end of the trip, months and months from now, we'll tally up all the answers and award you* with a fantastic** Grand Prize! Since the trip is almost done, betting is closed, but you can still play along anyway!

*'You' refers to you only if you have the most points.
**Actual results may vary.

1. How many days will it take us to reach...
69 Perth? 
303 Sydney? 
The End of the Trip? (16,000km) 453
2. What will be our highest temperature?52C
Lowest temperature?-5C
3. Throughout the trip, how many of the following will we use?
Packets of Tuna?   146
Tubes of Sunscreen?   7
Cans of Bug Dope?   2
4. How much weight will Kevin lose?14kg (30lbs)
How much will Aimee lose?10kg (22lbs)
5. Who will be the first to...
Pop a tire?  Aimee
Require a bandaid?  Aimee
Pull a muscle?  Kevin
6. How many towns will we pass through that start with the letter W?45
7. What's the farthest distance (in km) we will travel in a single day?118.9km
(day 225)
8. Which of the following animals will we see in the wild?
Y Echidna   N Crocodile   Y Bandicoot  
Y Wombat   Y Goanna   N Funnelweb  
N Bilbi   N Frilled Neck Lizard  
Y Platypus   N Red-Bellied Black Snake  
9. How many letters in the name of the longest-named town we pass though?17
(WA/SA Border Village)
10. Predictions made about the trip that have come true...
You now believe that you are as crazy as everyone else thinks for doing this! -Inga (Thunder Bay)

You will have one blow out and then another before being able to patch the first.
-Dawn (Brandon Qld)

You mention a Kellman in at least 20% of your weekly pages.
-Ari Kellman (NYC)

Predictions made about the trip that haven't come true, but we thought funny enough to mention...
Kev and Aimee will aquire their very own "Beimer Stalker" who will follow them around and swipe their sweaty underwear to sell on E-Bay (or add to their personal Shrine to K&A) -Christina (Sea Cliff NY)

Aim will be proclaimed a goddess by the natives.
-Michael (NYC)

You will cycle at night for the experience and strange lights and noises will come out of nowhere and a huge kangaroo will appear and offer you a ride in his pouch for the next 4000 km.
-Mikki (Southampton UK)

Kevin will attempt to rig up a portable fan for his bike, but will power it off of Aimee's bike when they are in tandem connection.
-Dan (Ottawa)

knock knock knockin' on kevin's door...
This is Elder Andrew Rancie and Elder Isaac Ngawaka, two of the only three visitors to David's domicile this week. I think we were all glad to have a chat. Aimee tried to score a bible from them, thinking that on a long trip, all that text packed onto those really thin pages made for smart travel reading. We'd be willing to bet that it's the first time they've ever asked, "Do you read the bible?" and received the answer: "NO, but I was GONNA!"

Incidentally, the third visitor this week was a Jehovah's Witness named Gary. Is it a bad sign when, mere days before you begin a 15,000 km bike trip, two different religions come to your door?
final thoughts...
We thought that since they just finished their bike trip, and we were just about to begin ours, that we'd better get the scoop from the experienced. These four brave souls may be able to offer us a glimpse of what lies ahead...

What was the biggest challenge to overcome?
Simon: I thought just getting along with each other in a stressful situation was a pretty big challenge. When you're suddenly with other people for 24 hours a day, you start to learn other's habits and sometimes they clash with your own.
David: Physically, though, the hill day was the most challenging. Everyone was looking out for each other, but nobody got written off.

What was the most embarrassing moment of the trip?
Smackers: Had to be Dave reading the story from the men's magazine to the entire campground.
David: I almost had an embarrassing moment. I was cycling next to another guy, chatting away, and we were coming up behind an enormously fat woman. As we passed her, he said to her, "How'd you like to sleep with me tonight?" and she said, "Maybe if you're lucky." I asked if he knew her: "Oh yeah, that's my wife." I was so glad I held back from making a comment about her size. I lucked out.

What advice do you have for cyclists wanting to do this?
Dave: Follow my motto: Just do it. Enjoy yourself.
Smackers: Pack light, especially clothes. Everyone smells as bad as you do.
Simon: Prepare your ass: The only way is to ride more before you start.
David: Make friends with good looking guys, because they make friends with good looking girls.

Do you have any camping tips?
David: Bring a Powerade bottle to bed with you. It'll save you having to leave your tent in the middle of the night. On heavy drinking nights, bring two.
Smackers: And make sure your two-man tent is really a two-man tent.

Hi to Ian, Anna, Peta, Michelle, Craig and Adrienne!
Nice to have met you all!

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We're going to try something a little different this week. Since all we really did was mope around David's place this week, (and who wants to read about that?) we thought we'd let the Boys from Bicycle Queensland give you their story.

In case you missed last week's introduction, David, Simon, Smackers and Dave (the other Dave) just entered the biggest bike ride of their lives to date. Nine days, 543 kilometers and 800 other cyclists makes for a much more interesting week than Aim & Kev watching the National Geographic channel, don't you think?

We now join Cycle Queensland, already in progress...
toilet trouble Distance:54kmCamp:Childers Today's Weather:
Challenges emerge as we all work to reassemble bikes to be ready for the official start. All goes pretty well though minor problems emerge as we discover nuts and bolts that have worked loose floating in the bottom of boxes. All get ready with a good 40mins to spare.
  Simon and Smackas decide to use the spare time for a spot of shopping - major objective being the procuring of an inflating needle for the footy. Directions obtained ("just 3 blocks that way") would have been a whole heap more useful had they added that each block in Bundaberg is about 10km long! Only moments are left to get to the official starting point. Lucky that Simon insisted Smackas did not have time for "a quick haircut" at 6 mins to take-off!
   Quiet night in Childers pub, playing pool and making use of the toilet facilities - As we were yet to adjust to the portable contraptions associated with the camp-site we were sure that the facilities at the pub would be more comfortable. In hindsight, the sole male toilet in a dark room with no light and no lock proved to be somewhat of a let-down! 'The Other Dave' led the field by making use of the ladies sit-down facilities which, we're sure, made for some very lucky ladies who needed to relieve themselves soon after!

Aim & Kev's Day: Aimee beat Kevin three games to zero at 'Tip It!' On TV Tonight:The Whole 9 Yards

two tents Distance:70kmCamp:Hervey Bay Today's Weather:
A feeling of discontent was apparent from Smackas who expressed his surprise at the size of the tent that Dave had purchased on his behalf. To be fair to both parties, we should perhaps just attribute it to a slight breakdown in communication and a different perception of what a '2-man hiking tent' would be! The tent saga was to continue for another day until Smackas and Simon reached an amicable agreement and negotiated a tent-swap! Smackas' camping days (and nights!) were much happier from thereafter!
  Met Craig from Brisbane who joined our group from then on. Craig was travelling alone and had made quite a few contacts with other cyclists (girls even!) and was therefore a valuable asset to the team!
  The 70km ride was made all the more enjoyable by a slight tumble from 'The Other Dave' who was having trouble adjusting to the toe-clips of his new bike.

Aim & Kev's Day: We went to the grocery store, because we were almost out of milk! On TV Tonight:Malice

story time Distance:100kmCamp:Gympie Today's Weather:
Finally Smackas got the haircut that he'd been after since Day 1! Ignoring his team-mates advice for a No. 1 or 2 clipper job, he nonetheless came back looking pretty light on top! A day of small rolling hills made for an enjoyable 50km ride to Maryborough. Craig joined our camp formation that evening but was a little taken aback (along with all other campers within earshot of the immediate area!) by 'The Other Dave' reading 'articles' aloud from a 'men's magazine' that he'd brought along for bed-time 'reading'. Unfortunately, the alcohol level in his blood must have impaired his hearing, causing him to read not only loud enough for our tents to hear, but many others surrounding us. We generally found it a little easier to procure a campsite from this night on as other campers seemed happy to do their own reading.

Aim & Kev's Day: Aimee invents recipe for 'Dumb Fudge!' On TV Tonight:Double Dose of Stallone

beauty rest Distance:70kmCamp:Noosa Today's Weather:
The day we were all waiting for! The 70km ride gave those from the flat-lands a little idea of what we were to encounter in terms of hills, but our efforts were aided by the promise of resort accommodation awaiting us for two nights at Noosa!
  All expectations were exceeded - big beds, clean sheets, showers with water pressure and real toilets! The swimming pool, spa, videos, etc. were incidental little bonuses, but the greatest joy was to be found in the little things!
  Party night in Noosa was a hoot! Beers aplenty at the Noosa Surf Club. Big night with all the cyclists getting together and going pretty hard. David surprised us all, himself included, by venturing onto the dance floor! (Something that doesn't happen every day! More like three times in 15 years!)

Aim & Kev's Day: Kevin talks to his mom and dad on the phone! On TV Tonight:Lois & Clark Reruns

hill with this! Distance:79kmCamp:Maleny Today's Weather:
A day that redefined hills for us; 80km of bloody huge hills! Long and steep, there was little respite for the second half of the ride as we hit the hills. All members managed to climb (with a few little stops along the way) with not a lot of energy to spare!
  A fairly quiet night followed at the Maleny pub. 'The Other Dave' may have perhaps overindulged slightly as he awoke the next morning, still dressed, in a tent in a very sad state. The usually huge and erect structure of Dave's was pretty much flat as a pancake and it was a miracle of human endurance (and perhaps of drunken stupors!) that he made it through the night without suffocating.

Aim & Kev's Day: We get a visit from Elder Rancie and Elder Ngawaka! On TV Tonight:Caddyshack II

speed kills Distance:85kmCamp:Redcliffe Today's Weather:
Footy isn't big up here, but being homegrown Victorian boys we wanted to watch the Essendon semi-final. It was a hard time finding a pub willing to show it, but finally, we did. It was the type of place where you hope like hell the patrons won't approach you for a conversation.
   It wasn't the best setting: we couldn't hear the TV, and any excitement was ruined by a couple of 'twisted drugged-up old moles' at the jukebox, playing everything from Wham to Meatloaf, even doing the act where one person sings the 'let me sleep on it' part and the other one sings the 'I gotta know right now!' part.
  We decided our best bet was to dominate the pool table, since it was right next to the TV. Smackas idea was to make the games go as slowly as possible, and then he sunk 5 balls on the break!
  The weather that night was a torrential downpour, proving that God could have ruined the event had He wanted to.

Aim & Kev's Day: We do some yardwork at David's house since it's so nice out. Then it rained! On TV Tonight:Yellow Submarine

medic! Distance:36kmCamp:Home Today's Weather:
A very easy 40km this morning, trundling into Brisbane pretty-much as one big group. Huge feelings of satisfaction as we sailed past the finish line to raptuous applause.
  After 590km we again chose to demonstrate our extreme levels of fitness and skills with a quick game of football on the adjoining oval. Attempting a manouvre best reserved for a man perhaps 20 years his junior, David went down like a sack of potatoes clutching an injured knee. After finally realising that it was a genuine injury, we stopped laughing and rushed to his assistance, discovering that he really was out of action! The only saving grace was that it had happened after the trip was over... only a half-hour's drive from home!

Aim & Kev's Day: The boys are home! The girls came over! We planted a garden! On TV Tonight:The Osbournes

Photos* and writing for the Cycle Queensland trip provided generously by Simon Vivian, a.k.a. Bachelor #2.
*Except Thursday's photo, taken from Cycle Queensland website.
where's wally wombat?
Wally wants to know if you've entered the Bikeabout Betting Pool. Have you? Wally has! One of his predictions for the trip is that he'll get swooped by an angry magpie!

Wally's somewhere on this page... can you find him?
bonk: (n.) energy break. Cycling term refering to a brief stop and a snack. Therefore, if your cycling buddy asks if you'd like to pull off the road for a quick bonk, don't be insulted.
Where's Dave & Simon? Oh, just back there having a bonk.

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