a word about our sponsors...
They're the cream of the crop! They rise to the top! They never eat a pig, 'cause a pig is high in fat! These are our sponsors and boy, do we love them for providing the bare necessities for our Bikeabout. After all, without them we'd just be a couple of lonely Canucks walking naked around Australia eating bland food.

Transportation provided by...
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... be a part of the craziness!

It's not a bike, it's a trike...and it's not a trike unless it's a Penninger! Thanks to the good folks at Penninger Recumbent, we're riding in style around Australia.

Penninger Recumbent has very generously provided us with two beautiful recumbent tricycles. They manufacture two different models of recumbent trikes: the Traveler and the Voyager, both of which are modern masterpieces of design and engineering.

We decided to travel on recumbents, and these trikes in particular, because the design of the trikes allow us to carry more equipment and survival supplies than a traditional racing or mountain bike. Without the trikes and their custom-fitted luggage bags, we would have had to either drag a trailer along or hire a support vehicle to carry our grub and technical supplies. With a Penninger, we don't need to!

The recumbent style is also very important when riding long distances. We'll be on the trikes for nearly ten hours a day and at the end of each day we'll be feeling good - no bottom or back pains for us! As an added accessory, also designed and supplied by Penninger Recumbent, we can attach our two trikes in tandem in just minutes. This means we'll be able to communicate better while biking long distances. There's also little chance of getting separated in cities when we're hitched together!

Whether you're looking for a new travelling bike, or just an around-town rider, why not take a look at a Penninger Recumbent? You'll love the freedom they manufacture.

To learn more, visit the Penninger Recumbent website at: www.penninger.com.

Mr. Beimers' and Miss Lingman's wardrobe provided by...

Many thanks to the superb team at Colibri Sports for providing us with our Noret biking jerseys. Noret is the official label worn by the French National Touring Team and now they're the offical jersey of the Australian Bikeabout Team. We'll be wearing them with pride!

If you want to look as jazzy as we do, pop by the
Colibri website and order a few: www.colibri-sports.com.

A little extra spice provided by...

There's only one spice we're bringing along on the Bikeabout- Tony's Chachere's Cajun Spice. Sprinkle some on everything you eat to add that special cajun taste. If you see us pedal past, be sure to ask us for a little taste of Tony's!

Isn't it about time you added some spice to your life?
You can order all of Tony Chachere's spices online at: www.cajunspice.com.

Tasmania supported by...

If it wasn't for Cosy Cabins in Tasmania, we would have been very wet and lonely indeed. Tony Park generously provided us with our accommodation throughout the state. Special thanks go to the Mornington Cosy Cabins for watching over our bikes while we scooted off in a hired car.

A huge thank you goes out to Tourism Tasmania for their support of our trip to Tasmania. They provided us with both the the means and the inspiration to make it through.
  While it can be argued that their jobs are made easier by having a beautiful state to promote, they honestly do want to share the joy of their state with you. Contact Tourism Tasmania today to discover Tasmania for yourself.

You'll be amazed at how much there is to see in Australia's smallest state. With a See Tasmania card, you'll have access to everything worth seeing, on the island and off. We were so busy, we never made it to Port Arthur (which is included on the card, by the way)!
  See Tasmania hooked us up with 7-day and 3-day cards during our stay.

Book Your Cabin: www.cosycabins.com

Discover Tasmania: www.discovertasmania.com.au

For More Info: www.seetasmania.com.au

Last 1500km sponsored by...

We were down on our luck, and miles from anywhere that could fix a funny-looking trike like ours... or so we thought. Who knew that halfway up the New South Wales coast, in the sleepy seaside town of Moruya, we'd find a specialty bike shop? If they can save us from failure, they can certainly save your ordinary bike. They can probably even save your extraordinary bike!

Drop in on Mark and Dana at:
Moruya Bicycles, The Cycle Specialists
Corner of Ford & Queen Streets, Moruya NSW

We get by with a little help from our friends...

We'd like to say a special thanks to the following individuals and organizations that have really welcomed us into Australia and helped to make Bikeabout the best gosh-darn circumnavigation of this continent ever!

South Australia Tourist Commission
Victoria Tourist Commission
Western Australia Dept. of Education
Tasmania Tourism Commission
Big Four Holiday Parks
Ros and John Patterson
David Vivian and Girls
The Forrest Family
Horsham 298 Primary School
Stronsay Bed & Breakfast
Turramurra Cyclery
Big Sister Inga
The Gibbons Family
Hervey Bay City Council
Channel Seven News, Mackay
The Daily Mercury
The Burtenshaw Family
Cane Farmer Keith
Andy and Lizzie from Airlie Beach
Nadia "Free Tread" Lamers
Sean "Swag" Redlitz
Danny "Music Man" Nawrocki
Dave "Grandpa" Lingman
Frank and Susan Beimers
The McCormack Family
The O'Doherty Family
Broome City Council
Simon "Sock Santa" Vivian
Michael Michael Motorcycle Cahill
Mike "Tugboat" Cahill (different guy)
Oliver and Marta
Sean Sta Maria
Karen "Food for a Day" Ngai
Canada Goose B&B
Champion Bay B&B
The City of Geraldton
Frank, Sara, Lilly and Bassi
Don and Pam
Lynn Baxter
Joan and Lionel Savill
The Madurah Over 55 Cycling Club
The City of Busselton
The City of Bunbury
Naturaliste Charters
Bryan Wood
The West Australian
ABC Radio
The Marshall Family
The Norfolk Sands B&B
The Beachhouse at Bayside
GWN News, Albany
Mike & Chris Lalor
Nullarbor "Cooper" Gary
Barb's Holiday House
Peninsula Pedallers
Kingsley & Raelene Mason
Brian & Rosalie Calderwood
Tumby Bay Caravan Park
Terry, Tony & Martin Sheridan
Ben & Bernie Glass
The Hill Family
Syd "Will They Ever Leave" Winer
U of Adelaide Radio
Saunders Gorge B&B
The Balcony B&B
Michael, Idana & Noam Kellman
Richard and Sally Patterson
Paddy O'Sullivan and Kylie
WIN Tasmania
The Advocate
The Mercury
Diane Sullivan
Jack, Virginia, Rachel & Emily
Stuart Lennox
Lennox Family
Sam & Brent, Mount Wellington Descent
Lou, Chris, Deborah & David
Michael & Lani
The Faulkner Family
Miche & Michele
Byard Family
Angie & James
Connellan Family
Melbourne Herald Sun
Sue & Trevor
Peter from Brisbane

Thank you very much.

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