week 18...
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Brisbane (okay, Ipswich)

Big Kev's excited, thanks to our latest sponsor, Tony Chachere's Creole Spice! Tony's joined the Bikeabout sponsor bandwagon this week, and sent us a bunch of Tony's tees and a crate o' spice! Get it while it's hot!
move over vegemite...
Australia is filled with scary beasts, dangerous insects, and the most disgusting sandwich spread in existence. Who would have thought that to quell the intestinal fortitude of a fair dinkum Aussie bloke like David, all it would take is a little Poutine?

First, ask yourself why a place called New York Fries prides itself on a French Canadian dish. Second, ask yourself what the heck New York Fries is doing in downtown Brisbane (Right next to Dunkin Donuts, I might add). Third, can a nation that grows up on yeast extract wash down fries topped with cheese curds and gravy?

David's answer? A resounding YES! Look at him shove those fries down by the handful! He loves it! He really really loves it! And you know who else loves it? Yer mum.
meet david & louie
Who is David Vivian? Well, er, bit of a story, that. On Week 12, we visited Mr. Klough's class at Horsham 298, who's classroom has a second door to an office housing Simon Vivian, a tall, thin bloke from Waracknabeal.
Simon's brother, who lives in Brisbane and can't cook, is a bicycle enthusiast who was planning to bike the Nullarbor Plain, and wants Simon to join him. Simon sent us here (a) to talk him out of it, and (b) to make sure he's getting his vegetables.

So are you really going to bike around Australia? That's ridiculous! Yes, I definitely want to at some point. I may do it in pieces, start by doing the Nullarbor, or Brisbane to Melbourne first. I've got the Cycle Queensland Ride coming up in a few weeks -- Bundaberg to Brisbane in ten days. I just don't want to be away from the girls for too long. They worry about me.

Tell us about the girls. I love 'em. I love 'em to death. Millie's a great artist, she's nine, and is really great with perspective and shading. But she can be really shy. Jess is a clever one, and she'll just come right over and talk to you. You never know what's going to come out of her mouth... once she was on the bus and sat down next to someone and said, "My mom just had a hysterectomy!" Crazy little piglet. And Emma? She's brilliant, great at school, very open and very funny. And just as goopy as when she was a baby.

So is your family anything like, say, The Osbournes? Ha, that's the one show I try to catch. Reminds me that my family's not so crazy after all.

Dave's World:
Job: Construction
Footy Team: Essendon
Daughters: Millie, Emma and Jess

Louie's World:
Breed: Doberman
Food: Pedigree Pal, Ants
Demeanour: Skittish
Any claim to fame? Well, I know a bloke at work who says his wife's got an IQ of 180. Reckon he's full of shit, though. Oh, I know: have you ever heard of Sale of the Century?

Oh, yeah, I remember that one. I was on it.

Get outta here! No really. I was.

Shut up! When? Back in the eighties, just before I got married. I did pretty well, too, but then at the end of the show I started thinking about calling my wife to be and telling her about the prizes I'd won, and I just started going backwards. Got some luggage and tennis racquets, though.

You're kidding! Do you still have the tape? Yeah, reckon it's under there somewhere...

Let's Roll The Tape!

where's wally wombat?
Hey Horsham Year 3s! We're staying with Mr. Vivian's brother this week. Say hi to Mr. Vivian from David, Emma, Jess and Millie!

Look closely! Wally's hidden well this week!

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recuperation Thumbs Up:Sleep Thumbs Down:Food Today's Weather:
It's recovery day. Last weekend wiped us out. We feel like we've been hit with a two ton 4x4 driven by a crazy Dutchman, which isn't far from the truth. Today, the only action items on our to do list are; (a) trying to get the sand out of all of our crevices, and; (b) see if we can get our clothing back to its original colour and smell. Wish us luck.

"We should win that medal... oh, hang on, its the women's event. England's so behind in women's sports. If they had a Gossipping at the Post Office event, we'd take that easy."
- British Backpacker.
prezzies! Bus Left Hervey Bay:5:45am Bus Arrived in Brisbane:11:45am Today's Weather:
We arrived in Brisbane to find that a huge heap of mail had been delivered to us from around the globe! We had magazines from Manhattan (thanks Michael!), a care package from Thunder Bay (thanks mom, dad, and the Thunder Bay Atikokan Liberal Party!), and a Lett-O-Gram from Sydney (thanks, Aussie Customs!). It's no surprise: people love us all over!
   To top it all off, we found this humongous mandarin orange.

"I mean, what's the worst that could happen to ya? You get killed, right?"
- David.

Brush with Death
can also be found on
Week 13 & Week 18!
brush with death #3 : Redback! Today's Weather:
Jess: My teacher gave us an assignment for school. I need to find something living, and is has to fit into this ice cream tub.
Aim: What a great assignment! Can Kev fit in the ice cream tub?
Jess: Um, naw, he's too big.
Aim: How about a gecko? There's lots skittering around here.
David: Naw, I reckon I've got something better. Come out here to the yard... now have a look in there.
Aim: Holy crap, is that a redback?
David: Yeah, they're all over the place. Here, have a closer look...
Aim: Eesh!
David: Now don't jump away like that. See, redbacks have got a pretty bad rep. They're really harmless, unless you piss them off, of course...
Aim: Should he really be crawling around on your arm like that?
David: Oh yeah, like I said, he's alright.
Kev: What are you guys up to... Hey, that's the spider on the cover of that "Don't Die In The Bush" book.
David: Jess, where's that ice cream tub. Oop...
Aim: GAAH He just crawled under your collar.
Jess: I don't think my teacher would want me to bring a redback to school.
David: Yeah, maybe you're right. Back you go, little spider.


"This way we can erase it if they want our souls."
- Aimee.
solar baby! Tony's Shakers:12 Tony's T-shirts:Today's Weather:
Today, Santa Post sent us the two things we need to survive in the outback: Tony Chachere's Cajun Spice and a portable solar panel! The Tony's Spice will keep us from using fire ants for flavouring, and the solar panel means that, though we may be miles from a three-prong outlet, we can continue to send you the very best in travel misinformation (or is that disinformation? Either way, it's not very helpful). Of course, a gadget that makes drinking water from common sand would have been nice too. Damn you, Santa Post!

"Oh, I am so eloquent!"
- Aimee.
where's dougie? Pizzas Ordered:Pizzas Left:Today's Weather:
If there's one thing that will ever make us settle down and buy a house, it's Pizza Delivery.

"Of course! She's at Walmart!"
- Aimee.
boys 2 me Essendon Bombers:67 Brisbane Lions:110 Today's Weather:
Is it toothpaste or whipped cream? Is it chocolate cake or mud? Is that the latest fashion in children's haircuts or did someone let Cayden play with the big people scissors? These are the questions we would know the answer to if we lived next door, but we don't, so our only option is to pour over the hundreds of photos on our "Nephews of the Month" mailout CD we get from Aimee's sister. Now we get to watch as the nephews grow into goofy-looking young men.
   Can't get enough of them? Visit www.fromthunderbay.ca for more pictures of these goofheads!

"Have you been dreaming about fairies in that past few days? I have."
- David.
pus! Mandarin Bubble Ice Blend:Dave Mango with Rainbow Jellies:Aim Grape-Cherry Thief of Hearts:Kev Today's Weather:
Tick! Don't worry. That's not the sound of your life passing you by as you live vicariously through us. It's the sound of us crossing off another Australian animal! We saw a platypus today! The little egg-laying mammal swam right in front of our noses at the Brisbane Forest Park. We watched him dance in the bubbles, eat tiny shrimp, and generally show off his platypus-ness in every way he could think of. He may be hard to photograph, but he sure is a cute little bugger in real life.

"Yeah sure, I can just see myself inviting the guys out after work for
poo-tine and a bubblecup."
- David.
ute: (n.) Imagine that the El Camino had taken off like wildfire. Where North America limited its utility vehicles to the pickup truck, Australians can get anything from a flatbed, to a tray, to a sporty muscle ute.
In short, a ute: 1. has a bed; 2. uncomfortably seats three.

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We've got mail...
Hello Kev and Aim,
I just loved reading this am's "Where are they now?" in the Chronical for want of a better word Journal. It was the only thing that caught my interest. I know you are muttering SAD. Such is life in TB. I need to get out again. I must admit that I have not been on your web site for a few months and I was certainly entertained this morning. Mike Meyers has nothing on you babe, By the way I went to see "Goldmember'". I cannot believe it; neither can Ben. He saw it on opening night.
Craziness is alive and well in Canada. And Americans think we are just frozen. I'm sure you have heard about our HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So tell me about recumbent tricycles? What a concept. Hope to hear from you once in awhile.
- (Mrs.) Judy P., Thunder Bay ON

Do you remember me? We used to play brish back in high school during spares and we one time played in a brish tournament as well but we got screwed over. I am sure you remember me as I recall you and Kevin as well. I just heard about your adventures in Ausrtralia in the paper and hope you both are doing very well. I take it you both still reside in Thunder Bay? How have you both been doing? I realize you are both busy. Tell Kevin I said hello and see if he still remembers me as well. Hope to hear from you soon.
- Tony S., Thunder Bay ON

Hi Kev and Aimee. If you don't remember I met you briefly at my ex husband David's house. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the items you put on the web about the girls and my ex husband. Truly, you have captured their personalities on your website. (Including Louie).
- Betsy, Brisbane QLD

THANK YOU! I'm almost out of Tony's. I could always get my parents to pick some up in Minnesota next time they're down there but I think I'll order some online.
- Nolan, Calgary AB

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