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To The Dandenongs

They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The truth is, a bird in the hand is worth the two dollars you paid for a tiny sack of birdseed that the vendor probably paid a dime for in bulk.
Why Aimee Loves Australia
1. Everything is dirt cheap.
2. Big M Banana Milk!
3. There are live parrots flying around.
4. Children with accents are cute!
5. Special K Red Berry Cereal comes with three types of berries.
with deals like this... I wonder how long it's going to take us to get over "exchange awe". We're still functioning on the American dollar, so the exchange rate is something like 2:1. This means that while we're still thinking in American bucks, this country is having a huge 50% off sale! That wouldn't be the benefit that it appears if the prices were a lot higher, but the prices here seem to be pretty much on the same level, number-wise.

This means that Ben Franklin's taking us further and further, especially at the famous Victoria Market. Some of the prices there blew us both away. I mean, red peppers for $2 a pound? That's only a buck a pound to me. There's no way you're getting that kind of deal in Manhattan, even with Priceline. Then comes the thunderbolt. That's not two bucks a pound, that's two bucks a KILO. A kilogram is just over 2 pounds, so this is, like, 75% off veggies now!

We've now had to ban ourselves from yelling out how cheap things are. Our first few days here were spent saying "Wow, thirty bucks! That's only fifteen to us!" met by scowls from the locals. At least we're able to hold back a little now. I wonder what's going to happen once we get used to it here and jump back into the United States?

Of course, it'll be a whole different story when we get a job, and it sets in that we're getting paid in Australian. "Wow, thirty bucks! Oh, wait..."
meet ken & winnie
I hate to use the term "landlords", because Ken & Winnie McGregor aren't the "I'd better get that rent or you'll be out by next Friday" type that goes with the term. They're more the "I'm off to the market, would you like a lift?" type.
Nevertheless, Ken and Winnie own the house we're staying in. They're a friendly couple who have made our transition to Australia "no worries".

What do you like most about Australia? It's very easy to meet people here.

Would you ever move back to Scotland? Oh, no, I don't think so. We like to go back for a visit now and then, but honestly, we've gotten used to the weather here. Besides, our kids have grown up here.

Quick McFacts:
Homeland: Scotland
In Australia: 19 yrs
His Job: Physicist
Her Job: Caregiver
Kids: Peter, Jenny
Dog: Paddington
Who does the gardening? We both do. [Winnie] does the growing and [Ken] does the chopping.

What do you do for fun? We both like to come out to the Dandenongs, and look around the little towns in the area. Ken also belongs to a photography club.

Little known fact: Ken & Winnie both sing in a choir, and we're going to a performance on May the 4th, a celebration of British Proms (classic British tunes, i.e. Danny Boy). Good luck, and May the 4th be with you!

what do you think?
Okay beimers.com fans, you've had a couple of weeks to get used to the new design, so, what's the scoop? Do you like it?

 I like it better!
 I liked roadtrip more.

baby got back Broken Part:System Board Today's Weather:
Our precious laptop came back from IBM (the motherland) today and it's all fixed!! We must have a computer angel on our side because all our programs were still there! They didn't need to wipe it clean! The problem wasn't the hard drive! YAY! Now we're really glad we didn't pay that guy at the computer store $180 to recover the data for us.

"It's here! It's all here! Even pinball!"
- Kevin.
fun pack Time to Arrive:8 days Contents:8 CDs Today's Weather:
Our software arrived! Three different sources from Canada sent us an operating system, for fear that the computer would come back empty. Thanks Inga, Danny and Danny! Anyway, it was a good test of the international postal system. To get from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Wheelers Hill, Australia: eight days. I wonder how much it would cost to box up the nephews for a quick visit over here?

"That's what you get for not brushing your hair for 4 days."
- Aimee.
oki gnocchi Flour:2cup Potatoes:Eggs:Today's Weather:
All things are temporary in our visit to Melbourne. This means that I cannot spend my time starting-and-not-finishing big projects like painting a mural or refinishing a desk. Instead, I must experiment with cooking. Today's experiment: homemade potato gnocchi. Result: surprisingly good. This will only raise my expectations of success for my next project, learning how to make authentic Thai food.

"Gasp! My potatoes!"
- Aimee.
oh brother! Naked Girls:Naked Boys:Bars, Dots or Blurs:Today's Weather:
Thursday evening may be Friends night to you Americans, but over here they've got Big Brother Uncut. It's all your favourite people from the daily Big Brother show, but on Thursday nights, at the tame twilight hour of 9:30pm, they curse like sailors, talk about naughty taboos, and get as naked as Yoko and John on the cover of Rolling Stone. You won't see this on CBS...

"Well, I'll be here next week."
- Aimee.
jelly? Essendon Bombers:19-8-122 Adelaide Crows:11-15-81 Today's Weather:
Sometimes it's hard to let go of an old love when a new one comes along. While we still hold a magical place in our hearts for the Piggly Wiggly, we have to admit that there's just something special about the Bubble Cup. We Love Bubble Cup! Bring on the coconut jelly!

"'The Crows'? Crows don't exactly strike fear into the hearts of the enemy."
- Kevin.
trespassah! Shotgun Shells:188 Chain Gun Bullets:49 Rockets:24 Today's Weather:
The software package we received on Tuesday from around the globe actually served two purposes: I've got Quake now! Bang! Boom! Kapow! Get'im get'im get'im! Socko! Whoosh! Yipe! Smack! Kablooie! Clank! Grunt! Vronk! Gurgle! Splat! The only sound effect missing is Dean's maniacal snickering.

"See, you talk to me and I get sucked out of the airlock."
- Kevin.
dandy! Parrots:Rosellas:18 Galahs:Cockatoos:Today's Weather:
Welcome to Dandenong Ranges National Park. It's like an outdoor exotic pet store! Parrots and rosellas and galahs everywhere, eating out of your hand! I could spend the whole day here! Oh wait! I did!

"We're leaving? You still got at least 75 cents worth of seed left!"
- Kevin.
stuffed: (adj.) tired, exhausted, devoid of energy. Nothing to do with food. When a friend says, "Can't come tonight, I'm bloody stuffed," it means he probably had a busy day. Other synonyms: "knackered", and, believe it or not, "knocked up".

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Hi there,
I just read your new site and I definitely like it better. Maybe it's just that the material is so cool since it's so beyond my experience. I mean it was neat learning about the US but not as exciting. Plus I think the layout and pictures are maybe more artistic and clever. Finally, it's better to have one a week so that you can cram all of the week's best cool stuff in. Is it true that Australian men are totally arrogant?
- Cindy, New Orleans LA

hi you two
its about time you got the site up and running, I was getting bored here at work
Aimee, nice sweat shirt you are wearing in week 3........you are making something with the blob of dough!
I can hardly wait for the next weeks' pages to be uploaded
oh, is there any way I can get Australian Big Brother?!!
- Rob, Thunder Bay ON

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