week 15...
sun day

Port Douglas, QLD

There's nothing like sitting on a log, suckin' back a Mango Vodka Cruiser on the edge of the Pacific Ocean waiting for a croc to bite your leg off.
what's in an aussieburger?
1. 100% Aussie Beef
2. Lettuce
3. Tomato
4. Beetroot
5. Bacon
6. Fried Egg
7. Dead Horse

Wash it down with a XXXX, and you've got yourself a dirty big treat!

Why 'Bomber'?
If he coaches Geelong, why does he have the nickname Bomber? Because Mr. Thompson is the former the captain of Essendon, who lead the team to the premiership years ago. Some say he was the greatest Bomber that ever lived. And I met him! Wowie Kazowie! And I don't even like Essendon!

meet bomber thompson...
This is Bomber Thompson, coach of the Geelong Cats. This old pro has brought out the best in this young team, spurring them on to fourth position on the ladder, with an outstanding chance at the Grand Final this year.

After a fantastic victory against Collingwood on Saturday, I managed to score an interview with him. It went something like this...

Kevin: Hey, sorry to interrupt your dinner, but I wanted to let you know I was at the game today and your team was fantastic!
Bomber: Thanks.
Kevin: And here, have a look at my website. My girlfriend and I are traveling all over Australia by bike, and making a day by day website as we go. We were at the MCG for today's game.
Bomber: Sounds great. Where are you from?
Kevin: Canada. Thunder Bay, to be specific. We were at the game with a friend from here, a long time Geelong fan.
Bomber: Oh, you're a long time Geelong fan?
Kevin: No, my friend's a long time Geelong fan. Anyway, your team was great. They sure can handpass! ...Well, I'll let you get back to your dinner. Sorry to bother you. Bye!
Bomber: Anytime.

Wow, what an interview! I really dug deep and got to the heavy questions that all the other journalists are afraid to ask. This is Kevin Beimers. Back to you, Aimee.
what do you think?
It was 9:30 Saturday night at the Virgin Blue terminal of the Melbourne Airport when we asked a few of today's jet-set children just one simple question:

How old do you think Kevin is?

Allie: "Umm, a thousand? Hahahahah! Umm, three? Hahahahah!"

Kyle: "Four thousand three hundred and sixty and nine and four thousand three hundred and two."

Amanda: I dunno, about 39?
Kevin: Hey, I'm not that old!
Amanda: 35 then?
contest! contest!
rah rah rah!

I don't know if I've just been out of the real world for too long, but this is the first time I've ever seen a man with one of these babies. Is he from the future? Is he a Ghostbuster? Is he a spokeperson for MacLean's Whitening Toothpaste? Or... is he something else altogether?

You tell us!
What the heck is this man up to
with that crazy contraption of his?

Full marks for the correct answer, second place goes to the most creative! Enter now, bonehead!
where's wally wombat?
Our Australian travel companion, Wally, always manages to squeeze his stickybeak into one of our photos. Can you find him?

He's a little furry wombat that looks kinda like this.

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cry uncle! Book Read:Bourne Supremacy Today's Weather:
Everyone's got their generics. Where there's Coke, there's President's Choice Cola. Where there's Lay's, there's No-Name Salt and Vinegar. Where there's Froot Loops, there's A&P Brand Fruit Whirls. And where there's anything Australian, there's always Uncle Toby's.
  If there's a quality food product made by a reputable company, there's probably a cheaper clap-trap alternative produced by Uncle Toby. We've sampled Uncle Toby's Sports Plus cereal (on week 4), Uncle Toby's fruit bars, and Uncle Toby's Oat Temptations and we'll not be coming back for seconds.
  How is it possible for a company to put out such a diverse array of second-rate crap? Aimee was made to eat Uncle Toby's Strawberry Fruit Bars (they tasted like Coconut Hubba Bubba) and look what happened to her.

"Uncle Toby's is the Hotel Duluth of food."
- Kevin.
see dan dive Chairs Delivered:Description:Retro! Today's Weather:
Another visit from John, and this time he brought his mum! Mrs. Patterson used to babysit Kevin and his brother back in Horsham whenever Kev's parents went off on a wild weekend adventure with the Stevens across the street. As a babysitter, she was top notch!
  John took us out for lunch at the Barwon Heads Boathouse, a fine old establishment just across the river with a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean. But this place isn't just another pretty face, no sirree... It's the former home of Diver Dan! They used to film an old Aussie TV series here. Save us, Diver Dan! I love you, Diver Dan! Another order of fish and chips, Diver Dan! I don't know anything about the show, I just like saying Diver Dan.

"There's something very potato-chippy about that wombat."
- Aimee.
fly me Thumbs Up:Deep Impact Thumbs Down:Tea Leone Today's Weather:
Since WHEN didn't we go to the moon? I've just finished watching Conspiracy Theory: Did We Go to the Moon? and now I'm a very confused girl. Anyone who knows me knows that I've always had a thing for conspiracies... JFK, UFOs, Dr. Pepper, nasal spray, that sort of thing. Up until tonight, I was perfectly happy thinking that we had gone to the moon. I didn't see a conspiracy. But now, I mean, gosh... if it was on television, it must be true, right?
  No blast crater, they say. Doctored footage, they say. Radiation belt, they say. Were the entire series of Apollo missions a hoax? Was Gus Grissom killed because he was going to expose it? Am I going to be killed because I know about it? Eep! I'm moving to Russia.

"It's not like Saskia lives in Stuckeyville."
- Kevin.
witch! Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?Aim! What kind of cookie?Mint Slice Today's Weather:
One more trip to the library for one more hour on the Internet. One hour. That's all I get, even if I'm the only person in the library, thanks to the web-nazi librarian who's only job is to make life inconvenient for people like me, not to mention sit behind her desk and say "Shhh!" Lousy, no good librarians.

"Did you dance for that cookie?"
- Aimee.
little things Notes Left Behind:33 Books Left Behind:Soldiers Left Behind:59 Today's Weather:
We wouldn't dream of saying goodbye to Ocean Grove without leaving a little of ourselves behind. We estimate it will take John and Ros about three months to find every little treat we've left them. Not that this should discourage any of you from offering us your house for a couple of weeks. We're very considerate house guests. Honest.

"Imagine if I liked everybody... I'd be President!"
- Aimee.
wanted woman Geelong Cats:127 Collingwood Magpies:99 Today's Weather:
I didn't realize I had such an untrustworthy face. First, the security brigade at the MCG didn't believe I was Georgina Patterson. The nerve! Okay, I have to give them some credit there, since technically I'm not Georgina Patterson. But I was with John Patterson and he lent me her pass, and he has been kind of like our dad in Australia... never mind that I don't have an accent or any identification. Minor points.
  After I'd talked my way through the first barricade (with no thanks to Kevin, who used my trouble as a decoy to sneak in using Nick Patterson's pass), another rent-a-cop took a shot at me by telling me that my camera takes video and therefore isn't allowed in the stadium... I'd have to check it with one of the jackanapes down in sector 7G. Okay, I have to give them some credit there, since technically is does take video...
  This time, Kevin faked a diversion and I ran off into the crowd, pretending to be a Geelong supporter. If I'd gone to sector 7G I probably would have had to check it under the name Georgina Patterson anyway.

"Hey, let's measure your tongue!"
- Kyle.
about time Burger and a Beer:$8 Vodka Cruisers:2/$5 Today's Weather:
Today is a special day. Today is the day we toss the scarves and doonas out the airplane window. The bikinis and swim trunks will finally see the light of day after spending three months in the bottom of our clothes pack. It's time to slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat and slip into the ocean, which we phoned ahead and had heated up to a toasty 21 degrees...
  There's nothing quite like a vacation from your vacation.

"Just enough time to shower and get to the disco..."
- The dodgy guy in Seat 13F, arriving in Cairns at 1:15am.
dodgy: (adj.) weird, creepy. Closest to the North American slang "shifty", as in a person or place that makes you feel uncomfortable.
Keep your hand on your wallet, we're in the dodgy part of town.

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How are you going Wally, Kevin and Aimee? We found Wally on the beach with a seagull and watching television with Aimee. Did Wally almost get eaten by the seagull? Has Wally dug a burrow on the beach yet?
We are back at school and sad about that. Boo hoo!
We are writing letters to the athletes who are going to the Commonwealth Games. Go Aussies!
Will Wally have a seatbelt on when he is riding around Australia on the bike?
The students in Year 3 have worked out that WWW stands for Where's Wally Wombat?
Are you enjoying yourselves in Queensland?
- Year 3, Horsham 298 Primary

Hi there sonny...
Maybe I'm getting older and my eyes don't function as they should...but I am finding it difficult to read anything when you use the dark blue background...
Just a note to consider...
Nice trip...mmm...enjoy ... you'll always have these memories ... who needs things????
- Kev's Dad, Thunder Bay ON

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