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Esperance, WA

It's all over but the cake. Heck, the cake's just about over too.
i'm a rockstar!
As if Monday wasn't busy enough. Not only do we have to see off Aimee's dad, not only do we have to move out of the Old Hospital, not only do we need to buy Nullarbor supplies, not only do we need to find a new place to live for the next few days, but I went and committed ourselves to another talk at another primary school. Anything else and I should be committed.

Chris Lalor, the wife of our celebrant and a damn fine sticky-date pudding cook, works in the office of Nulsen Primary School, and asked if we wouldn't mind popping over for a chat before leaving town. "Sure!" we said, "if we can sleep at your house!" Done deal.

As always, the Year sixes and sevens were gobsmacked by Aimee's entrancing athletic beauty and my commanding male presence. A couple of them got to ride on the rear bike around the schoolyard, and thankfully, I didn't run into a post and take anyone's teeth out this time.

The best part of all of this was when all the kids lined up for our AUTOGRAPH. HA! Like we're famous or something. Of course, we were in the Esperence Express a few days later, so at the very least, we're celebrities in one small corner of the South West of Australia, so maybe those signatures will be one day worth something at the Esperance News Agency. Maybe they'll be able to trade them in for a free pie at the bakery across the street.

And, if nothing else, Aimee got to practice her new signature.

these are the people in our neighbourhood...

Allan's the head honcho at the Old Hospital Hotel, and one of the nicest blokes in Esperance. To be honest, we kind of took over the place when we arrived, but he and his wife were more than accommodating. They even decorated the tables for the wedding reception and gave us champagne! Thanks!
Owner and operator of Dempster's Sports, Graham put Chris the Californian to work on polishing up our trikes. Man, did they do a good job! Nothing squeaks, nothing grinds, and nothing rattles anymore. We'll be able to sneak up on those roos easily now! Thanks for the great price, too.
The Old Hospital Mascot. Bruce the Jack Russell was always wiggling his hairy bum around the motel somewhere, and wasn't the least bit intimidated by an open door. In he'd walk, like he owned the place, and hang out until you stopped scratching. Good boy, Brucie! Up on the chair!
One of the top dogs at the Esperance Tourist Centre, Brian was the man who set up the Bay Of Isles ocean cruise last week for Aimee and her dad. This photo was taken last week at the hen's/buck's night at the tea room, but since we never got a chance to introduce him last week, why not now?
Guy & Sarah
When Marta and Oliver drove up from Denmark, they had a couple of friends on board, Guy and Sarah. Sarah's from Vancouver, and Guy is from Israel, and both are having a great time in the beautiful southwest. Thanks for the gifts, you two! Hope you enjoyed the cake!
The Gnome
For some reason, whenever I looked at this little dude, it looked like he had a knife in his hand. I pictured him in an alley in a medieval magical village saying, "If you please, hand over your wallet!" in a German accent. Don't ask why.
wally's amazin' facts!
Hey! I was so caught up in the wedding last week that I totally forgot to answer the drinking straw fact on Week 32! You must be right pissed! Anyhoo, a drinking straw makes a fine fishing lure in a pinch! Put an inch of straw on a hook, cast out, and reel in fast! Those fish'll think it's a minnow and chase it! Whoever said fish was brain food must have been dumber than the fish! Ha!

This Week's Amazin' Fact: Worms have no armpits! It's true!

Hey, gimme a break. I just spend the whole week licking stamps for Aimee and Kevin's wedding, so I can't say my little wombat heart was that into researching amazin' facts this week. Just to tide you over, how about, oh, what year did Peter Nuyts steer the Gulden Zeepard as far east as Streaky Bay, exploring the Bunda Cliffs for the first recorded time? Bet you don't know! Or care!

Don't forget to look for Wally this week!
Distance this week: 14kmDistance since Day 1: 9608km

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Day 233: Father Goes West
Distance Travelled: 6.7km Temperature: 23
Terrain: Mountain Climbing In The Rain
End Location: Mike's Place
bye bye daddy!
Sniff sniff. It's time to say goodbye to two old things today: my Dad and the Old Hospital Motel. Hah!
  What are we going to do when Dad leaves? Who will take us on long walks and feed us too many meat pies? Who's going to buy Aimee her Honey Soy roast lamb, and Kevin his 750g bags of gummies? It's like we've been his puppies for a week and we're not going to know how to fend for ourselves now that he's gone! Come back! Come ba-ha-hack!
   Wherever shall we go? Whatever shall we do? One thing's clear: we can't stay here. The Old Hospital Motel has been amazing to us, even putting up with our loud antics, nightly barbeques and pyrotechnics. But I'm afraid it's just a bit too nice for the likes of us riff-raff now that our sugar daddy has left the country. Looks like we'll need to find somewhere else to roost...

"What am I, a bungee retard?"
- Aimee.
Day 234: Two Ton Jac
the last to leave
Dad has left. Don, Pam and Bert have left. The celebrant can't leave, because we've taken over his house (isn't that what you did on your honeymoon?) That just leaves Marta and Oliver to say goodbye and continue on their own adventures which involve apples, airfare and Indonesia. Go on, GET!
   But it's not really goodbye, since we have this funny feeling we'll be seeing them again in Australia before this trip is done. They keep on popping up like the moles in that pop-up mole game. And when they do... we'll be waiting with our big padded sledgehammer o' love.

"What does glitter and kugel have to do with sex?"
- Kevin.
Day 235: Finger Lickin' Good!
reason to celebrate
Remember Mike Lalor? The celebrant who perfomed our wedding ceremony? Yeah, well, in case you missed our mention earlier, we've kinda moved into his house for a few days. Now that's above and beyond the call of celebrant duty if I ever saw anything.
   We can't believe how nice Mike and Chris have been to us. They've taken us in from the freezing rain, let us take over their Internet connection, and now Chris is even making sticky date pudding for Kevin. That's right, people other than Sara Lee can actually make it themselves! From scratch!
   Here's the recipe so you can make it when we visit:

Stickydate Pudding
250g dates, chopped
2/3 cup boiling water
1 tsp of baking soda
185g butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup plain flour
2 tbsp brandy
1/2 cup sweet condensed milk
1 cup cream
1. Combine dates, water and soda. Let stand 30 minutes.
2. Beat butter and sugar until light and creamy. Beat in eggs one at a time.
3. Fold in date mixture and sifted flour.
4. Spoon evenly into greased lined 18cm x 28cm lamington pan. Bake in moderate oven (180C) 35 to 40 mins until cooked.
5. To make the sauce, beat brandy, condensed milk and cream until thick. Serve over pudding. Serves 6-8.

"Oh you'll like the Nullarbor. It's got a really diverse range of... roadkill."
- Mike.
Day 236: Jac's Back
pop! they're back!
Hah! We knew they'd be back. We knew that after a day away, they'd miss our company so much that they'd come back for a few more hugs and rap sessions. Yay!
   Huh? Whassa? You forgot your pots and dishes here? Oh. Ooooooh! I get it! You left them here so you'd have an excuse to return to see your favourite newlyweds! Yay!

"...this is the sweetest ashtray... I've ever seeeeeen...
And you can tell everybody... This is your ashtray..."
- Kevin.
Day 237: How Domestic.
Distance Travelled: 7.1km Temperature: 22
End Location: Esperance Big4
i think i can
Before they left for Bali, Marta taught me how to crochet. Well, she taught me the basic steps and I feigned understanding, telling myself that I'd be able to pick it up easily later. Well, now that later has arrived and I'm having a heck of a time trying to get my uncrafty self to do something crafty.
   As Kevin would gladly tell you, It's not that I have a problem thinking up crafty things to do, or a lack of willingness to try to make things, it's just that my attention span is minute when it comes to anything homemade. To me, homemade means made in someone else's home, because if it were made in mine, it would be half-finished and sloppy.
   But with the weather getting chillier, I thought that being able to turn wool into scarves, mittens and toques would be a handy skill to possess (should we get stranded in a paddock of sheep, perhaps?) I'm determined to have a good go at this. Stay tuned for the results.

"Why don't you have some stickydate pudding? Here, you can pick it out of my teeth."
- Kevin.
Day 238: Some Come Here to Sit and Think
who woulda thunk it?
Hey, at least it's a frickin' hat, okay? It's not half a hat, but it's a full hat (at the very least, it's a full yarmulke). I made it myself as my very first project. Okay, to tell the truth, this is my third project. The first two attempts at a hat turned into mobius strips. An eternal figure eight of wooliness.
   So on my third attempt, voila! A hat! And Kev loves it. It's his new Thinking Cap. He says he's going to wear it every time he needs to be creative! How's that for marital sacrifice? Now you know why I love him.

"You'll never believe what I just saw in a magazine in the craft store. Friggin' mobius scarves. I'm ahead of my time."
- Aimee.
Day 239: A Million Books
party on the plains
We are nothing if not mentally prepared to tackle this desert. They say boredom is the biggest killer on the Nullarbor and it's not going to make us its unwilling victims. Well, we laugh in the face of boredom and giggle at the thought of dullness! Tee hee!
   Should we find that the adventures we encounter aren't adventurous enough, then we'll just escape with Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino as they try to save the world from the next ice age. If we grow tired of our daily rituals, we'll just jump into the time machine and whisk off to Wheeling, West Virginia with Jackson Dubchek. You can almost smell the ammonia and oranges!
   All the while, we'll be crankin' the tunes so that we can groove with the roos! It's not unusual...

"Not exactly 'Long Life' or 'Maximum Power' like they promise on the package, are they?"
- Kevin.
pash: (v.) to kiss, to make out. Presumably derived from the word 'passionate'. Can pash someone, or pash with someone.
"I wouldn't pash him for a million dollars!"

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