week 33...
love, honour and protect

Salmon Beach, Esperance

If you didn't bother to tune in last week, you missed a doozy. In the age of the internet, where the world doesn't seem so big, and family and friends don't ever seem far away, it was wonderful to share our happiest day with all of you. Though only seven (and a dog) were at the actual event, our list of friends, family and honoured guests numbers far into the thousands. Thank you all for attending.

Relive the ceremony, and sign our register!

Of course I wish I was there, but hearing the happiness in your voices I know that it was the perfect thing to do. Thanks for the re-enactment. It gave me the opportunity to cry at your wedding.
  Love (and lots of laughs),
- Kev's Mom, Thunder Bay, ON.
AAAAHHHHH! You're married! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! That's so wonderful. I'm so happy for both of you. You were such an amazingly beautiful bride. You both looked great. I'm so glad your dad was able to be there... You looked awesome in that dress and the scenery was beautiful. What a perfect wedding... You sneaky sneaky thing!
   Congrats and we love you guys and are so happy for you. May God truly bless you and your marriage and keep you well and happy for a long life together.
- Cindy & Carl, Austin, TX.
Back home in Thunder Bay, at coffee time following the Sunday Church Service, a very proud mother (and mother-in-law) made an announcement. She explained how two people that met at a house construction site of Habitant For Humanity, had taken a significant step. Congratulations, Aimee and Kevin Beimers. May the rest of your lives be exciting and harmonious as you have already experienced.
- Jack & Colleen, Thunder Bay, ON.
You are now truely the Beimers! We are so happy for you both! Looks like it was the perfect day! No more secrets okay!?
- Inga & Scott, Thunder Bay, ON.
Dear Mr. and MRS...
It was just a matter of time. Nothing you do surprises me and getting married was just another step on your road of adventure and life. Congratulations!!!
   The pictures are beautiful and brought back so many memories of Mom and I, Australia, and many special moments in my life!! Marriage is one of those times when all mundane things are set aside and nothing else matters except for the love you have for one another and the knowledge that the future is yours.
   May all the roads ahead be as exciting and full of wonder as the ones you have travelled so far together. I am so happy and proud of you both.
   God Bless you...
- Kev's Dad, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Congratulations to the both of you! How come this was such a secret? We just found out now! Never the less, we're very happy for the two of you. When are you coming home? Let us know the details soon.
   With Love,
- Danny & May, Nepean, ON.
You've made us cry.
   Sitting here in New York, we are so happy for you guys. We just wish we could have been there. Just went through the pictures. I'm driving and Idana is sitting next to me on the couch saying, "click on that one! click on that one!"
   The words are beautiful, the pictures are beautiful, and the bride and groom are beautiful. I cannot think of two people better suited for each other. You are both wonderful and we love you.
   By the way, the prayer you cited is one that we say every week when we bless Noam. I hope you guys turn out as wonderful as she is.
- Michael & Idana, New York, NY.
I'm very proud of you guys. I'm proud of your accomplishments and wish the best for your future accomplishments together.
- Dan, Thunder Bay, ON.
Congratulations!!!!! Kevin, you caught me by surprise! Welcome to the family Aimee. I look forward to being your brother-in-law forever. I told the rest of the family and they were all surprised!
   I will write more later. Congratulations to the bride and groom!
   The Brother of the Groom
- Chris, Stratford, ON
Dear Kevin and Aimee!
Congratulations! I hope that you`ll have a beautiful life with each other. I not only hope, I also know, that you`ll have a good life. The things that you both have done are so amazing, please go on like this!
   ...My parents will certainly write something down here for you, but I was the first of the family who saw it (maybe they`re right that I am on the internet too much :P )
   p.s. Is Marta your sister Aimee?
- Menno, Lisse, Holland.
Wow - Isn't that nice! Well it's about damn time. Don't you guys look great? Kevin, I'm sorry, but Aimee is totally hot. Congratulations!
- Rob.
Congratulations from Oliver's family and company. Best wishes and happiness to new Mr and Mrs Beimers...
- Claudia, Barcelona, Spain.
Kevin and Aimee,
I wish you both so much joy. It warms my heart to see the two of you choose so honestly to be each other's rocks forever. May happiness follow you wherever you go. Much love,
- Serena, Edmonton, AB.
This is too awesome!!! You're gonna make me cry!!! You guys look awesome, I especially like the pic with Aimee sitting on the rock leaning up against Kev, with that devilish look on her face.
   The vows were awesome, you have no idea how happy we are for you two.
   A big huge congrats to you from those of us who are next in line (hehe). Dana also sends her congrats to you two. Cherish each other always, you have something special that most people spend a life time looking for. Love ya, miss you lots,
- Jena & Mike, Thunder Bay, ON.
Wow Wow Wow Congratulations you soppy pair, i am crying my eyes out after reading your vows, you brought tears to our eyes with this one :o) May we wish you the most happiness and wonderful times ahead as you face them as husband and wife :o) We are so happy for you :o) Much love and hugs and kisses your ol' wandering pals Mikki and charlie :o) Wish we could be there to celebrate your love, have a few bevy's on us :o)
- Mikki & Charlie, Fareham, UK.
I love you guys so much! I couldn't be more miffed or more happy for anybody ever! Just for you, I'll kill one moose in your honour! No, no, don't try to talk me out of it... It's practically a done deal...
   It's just like you two to wait till everyone gives up hope and then do it on the sly. And invited no one. Sigh. Well kiss each other for me...
- Dean, Thunder Bay, ON.
Seven guests and a dog? Who held the shotgun??? AND WHEN ARE THE LITTLE BEIMERS GONNA POP OUT???? ;-)
- Greg, New York, NY.

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Mike Lalor:
Wife: Chris
Daughter: Kate
Celebrant Fee: $250
Weddings/yr: 20

Little Known Fact #1: Does a commendable impression of a Diving German U-Boat. Ah-OOOG!! Ah-OOOG!! Ah-OOOG!!

Little Known Fact #2: Mike's brother is married to Chris's sister! That means Mike is married to his own sister-in-law-in-law!

ask a celebrant
In the eyes of Australia, there are only three things you need to become legally married: I forget the first two, but the third is to have a celebrant present. The question is, what's a celebrant? Let's ask Mike!

What is a celebrant? A celebrant oversees any public or legal ceremony, such as weddings, funerals, christenings, things like that. It's got nothing to do with not having sex; I've heard that more times than you have "she's not pedalling."

How did you become a celebrant? Way back, I received word that Esperance was looking for celebrants. I looked into it, and applied. At the time all you needed to do was read the Marriage Act, show them you understood it. And, I had to prove that I was a "man of integrity". My friends got a kick out of that one.

How do you prove your integrity? I needed to get three glowing character references that somehow explained my worth to society. That was the toughest part.

What's the strangest wedding you've ever officiated? Strange? Well, I can tell you a memorable one... I married a German couple once over lunch. We sat in a nice restaurant, over food and wine. They wanted to keep it very low key, but somehow, everyone in the restaurant slowly clued into what was going on. They recited their vows, and when I pronounced them husband and wife, the whole restaurant applauded.

Distance this week: 35kmDistance since Day 1: 9594km

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Day 226: Shave and a Haircut, Two Bills!
Distance Travelled: 34.5km Temperature: 25
Time on Trikes: 3.0h Water Left: 1.5L
Terrain: Easy
End Location: The Old Hospital Motel
where's my hundred bucks?
These were the first words out of Aimee's mouth when she first saw her dad. It may not sound like a very suitable greeting to the naked ear, so let me explain...
   Way way back in the early eighties, daddy and daughter made a little wager. "I'll never shave off my beard!" said dad. "I bet someday you will," said Aimee, a financial genius even at six years old, "I bet you a hundred bucks!" The deal was done.
   What a surprise when he showed up, clean shaven and fair haired... Inga had told Aimee, "Now now, you're going to notice a big change in dad. He looks much older, his beard is very white, and he's getting frail. You may have to go easy on him. Whammo! He comes out of the door, jumps into the air and runs over to Aimee! Frail. Ha!
   But don't worry... we had a much bigger surprise prepared for him later this week...

"I'll call it one of those brand names like where you take the words it represents and shove them all together with capitals instead of hyphens... like EarSockKnot."
- Kevin.
Day 227: Sampler Platter
pie are squared
Can you believe it? Dad's been in Australia for almost a month -- travelling through Melbourne, Cairns, Port Douglas, Ayers Rock, Fremantle, and now Esperance -- and the crazy man's never eaten a meat pie! So, we ran down to Esperance Hot Bread and picked up a variety. Steak and Onion, Chicken Curry, Spinach Quiche, and plain old Beef. He's gotta like ONE of 'em.
   We actually found out that he'd missed out on a lot of the culture in Australia: meat pies, Tim Tams, Vegemite, sticky date pudding, burgers with the lot, Kangaroo... and that's just the food!

"Don't worry, we'll just live in filth."
- Aimee.
Day 228: Don Doffs his Dress
coincidence? i think not.
Some things are just meant to be. Why else would we have bumped into two of our favourite Bikeabout regulars, Don and Pam, just three days before our big event? To make it even stranger, the day we bumped into them, they were just about to leave to cross the Nullarbor, and we're planning on leaving a "Good Luck Kevin & Aimee" sign somewhere outside of town. Looks like this wedding party just got a little bit bigger - now it's seven guests (and a dog)!
  As long as we don't run into the kids from Horsham Primary 298 on a field trip, this wedding is still manageable!

"I'm gonna go over for coffee."
- Dave.
Day 229: Where's the Stripper I Ordered?
taste, not tits
No strippers. That was our only request when Jo from the Esperance Tourist Bureau contacted us a couple of month ago. She wanted to plan a combined Hens/Bucks Do for us when we got to town. Luckily for us, Jo understood that we'd want a nice party, instead of a booze-up with scantily clad ladies/men. Besides, Esperance is a town of 13,000 people. Unless they import the strippers from Perth, we would expect the selection to be a little slim. Er, perhaps 'slim' is the wrong choice of words. I can't really see someone from Munglinup taking to bus to Esperance for fortune and glory. Eww.
   As it turned out, we had a fine time enjoying the view from the Harbour Tearoom - it was classy enough to satisfy the most discerning New Yorker, and tasteful enough that I could invite my Dad. Thanks Jo, Brian and the rest of the gang at the Tourist Centre! It's exactly what we wanted!

"This soap, it does not make bubbles!"
- Marta.
Day 230: Kissed with a Seal
cruisin' through the stress
It's the day before the wedding! Time for headaches, last minute disasters and getting a pimple right on the tip of my nose!
   At least, that's what would have happened if we had planned a normal wedding. Instead, this is our wedding, the low-stress event! We didn't bother with little aspects like 'caterers', 'photographers', 'hairdressers', 'dress alterations', or even 'guests'. Just to calm down a little, the day before the wedding is the perfect time for a wildlife cruise in the Bay of Isles.
   While Kev went on a search for the perfect beach to get married on (still hadn't even decided on "location" yet), Dad and I took advantage of a complimentary cruise on the Seabreeze, thanks to Esperance Tourism Board. Starting at 9am, we were whisked away to get close-up views of sea lions, eagles, birds, and enough dolphins to make Dad run out of film. It was definitely a relaxing way to spend the day before getting married.

"This is your last dinner as a single woman! This is your last shower as a single woman! This is your last washing of teeth as a single woman! Etc."
- Marta.
Day 231: Ring Bear?
private ceremony
We got married! But you know that, don't you? For those of you who have already seen the photos, read the vows, and signed the register, here are a few things that stuck out in our minds about the wedding that won't show up in photos or official ceremonies...

Oliver is wearing Dave's clothing.
All the girls are wearing Pam's perfume.
The local newspaper wanted to take photos at the wedding, but Aimee wouldn't tell them where it was going to be.
Everyone, with the exception of the celebrant, took turns in one shower that morning.
Chris gave up her golf day to attend our wedding.
The men's bus was decorated until Don drove under a tree and torn all the streamers off.
All the way to the ceremony, the Jacaranda carrying the girls honked out the Wedding March.
Before the official ceremony started, Mike surprised each person by asking them to give an impromptu speech. Each person was able to come up with something beautiful to say, with the exception of Aimee, who just blurted out that she was "Definitely Ready!!"
Best Man Oliver faked losing the rings for several minutes, fooling everyone.
Throughout the ceremony, Aimee kept thinking "Wow, Kev's pupils are really small."
Halfway through the ceremony, the camera was kicked over and all the photos got blurry.
Kev sat on Aimee's bouquet on the way to the reception.
Kevin made and decorated our wedding cake himself.
We ran out of glasses and so the champagne toast was drunk straight from the bottle.
The reception was shut down due to bongo music and fire dancing.

"Half a thumb's up!"
- Aimee's Dad.
Day 232: The Morning After
first day of wedded bliss

I'm not saying a thing.

"Come on, Bruce! Hop up on your chair!"
- Aimee.

wally's amazin' facts!
A toast! A toast! I may not have been the best man, but I was certainly the best wombat at the wedding! Which means, this is the time that I get to say whatever I want about the bride, the groom, and weddings in general...

When Aimee and Kevin were done using the internet (very late at night, since they're on the web all friggin' day when they get the chance), I went online to find out more about weddings. More specifically, the cost of the average American wedding. Jeepers! Aimee's Dad sure got off easy!

Picture your typical white wedding. What do you think of first? The dress, of course! The average wedding dress costs the bride over $1300! Aimee bought hers for $99 (and you can't tell me she doesn't look just as hot! Here are some other neat facts...

Ceremony:  Avg: $530 Ours: $270
Reception:  Avg: $9500 Ours: $103
Flowers:  Avg: $1200 Ours: $46
Photos:  Avg: $1400 Ours: BYO
Rings:  Avg: $400 Ours: $30
All in all, the average wedding costs around $19,000! And that's an average wedding! Imagine what you'd pay for an extraordinary wedding! Now that's something to Holy Frickin' Frack about!

One last thing... did you happen to see our beautiful cake? Well, Kev made it for under 30 bucks! Ha! That's one talented guy, that Kevin. Aimee's a lucky gal.

Don't forget to look for Wally this week!
buck's do: (n.) bachelor party. Picture a bunch of Aussie blokes having a dirty big pissup over a carton of middies, staring at shielas, right bloody starkers. Also known as a 'Stag's Night'.
The female equivalent is a 'Hen's Night', covered back on Week 5.

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Here's what others had to say about our little surprise...
I am SO excited for you two! I knew this would happen someday, and it looks like you found the perfect place and time to do it. Aimee you looked beautiful (you too, kev). I wish you both the best of luck as always. And thank you so much for putting up the transcript -- I feel like I was there.
   Love you both, and miss you like crazy!
- Alissa, New York, NY.
Congratulations, I was at you Mom's and she was so excited with the news. She was trying to get a hold of your Father. You have already been on a wonderful life journey together. Your pictures just show the radiance and love that you have for each other. I am very happy for you both.
- Earline, Thunder Bay, ON.
Holy smokes you two. That is amazing. I am so happy for the two of you. Congrats Mr. and Mrs Beimers. By the way you both look awesome in the pics. Aimee, you look beautiful. Kevin you look great too (Ok, a guy can't say to another guy "You look great in those pants", ok). The scenary in the pics is amazing...I'd love to go there someday. I'd give you both a big hug but since this is email please follow the instructions below:
   Instructions for congratulatory hug. Please print this email twice and hold one in each hand. Endeavor to wrap your own arms around yourself and squeeze tight. Hug by proxy. :-)
All the best.
- Sean, Brampton, ON.
Holy Crap!!!!! Congratulations!
- Mike, Thunder Bay, ON.
WOW!!! Congratulations. The wedding looked so amazing!! It was almost like a wedding off a soap opera (Just kidding!!). We am so happy for both of you and wish you both the best. You are both amazing people (for which my life is much fuller for knowing), and I am happy that you found each other. Take care of each other, and next time you come our way, we will have to celebrate.
- Michelle, Brampton, ON.
Congrats you two! I'm so happy for you guys! My fiancee and I get married in October in Las Vegas by Elvis! It would be way cool to have you guys there! (Seriously! E-mail me and let me know if you want to go.) Provided of course that you two aren't still in Austrailia. Take care you two and enjoy married life! I know I will as of October.
- Rick, USA.
Congratulations Guys ! I hope you have many years of happiness together. Aimee, you look fantastic in your wedding dress and Kevin scrubbed up well too. If you happen to come by Melbourne then please let me buy you both a drink !
Best wishes,
- Michael, Williamstown, Vic.
Dear Aimee and Kev,
What a beautiful wedding! To see the two of you so beautiful and full of love and exultation has brought tears to my eyes. Your love is so evident and the wonderful pictures make us feel as though we are with you. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Congratulations and we wish we could hug you in person. I send love from the entire family. Congratulations!!
   No point in wishing you anything ... you already have what is most important ... each other. Miss the wedding cake though!
- Aunt Cath & Uncle Al, St. Catharine's, ON.
you guys finally did it, congrats!!!!!
- Heather & Adam, New York, NY.
- Noeline, New Zealand.
Hey Guys,
Congrats on the nuptials. the kids saw the pics. wow u look human, esp u kev. aimee u looked great and the pics were fabulous. the class wishes u both the best in the future and many happy years of riding ahead together. take care and keep in touch.
- Year 6 St. Cecilia's Primary,
Port Hedland, WA.
Dear Kevin and Aimee,
Our sincere congratulations to both of you. May the Lord bless you and give you many, many years of happiness!
- Uncle Wes & Aunt Helina, Strathroy, ON.
Well it's about time! My god you looked absolutely beautiful! And Kevin looked pretty dapper as well. Now that you're all married and stuff, when are you planning on coming back to North America? Any idea what or where you plan on going to next? I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments - especially this one.
Take care, and hope to see you soon.
- Ken, Thunder Bay, ON.
'Bout time!! Congrats! Love & miss both of you very much. This is great news & we wish you the very best!
- Bruce & Val, Ft. Lauderdale, FLA.
- Ralph & Trish, Albany, WA.
We are so happy for you both! The wedding looked perfect; simple and fun! We figured it would happen eventually :) , but what a great idea, getting married in Australia. Best wishes for a lifetime of hapiness together!
- Leslie & Colin, Toronto, ON.
Hi Aimee, I am your sister's friend Randi... haven't seen you in years but I just wanted to say congrats and you look so happy and you look great. Your dad is looking good too.
- Randi, Thunder Bay, ON.
I just want to say Congratulations to you both, and may you have a long, wonderful, beautiful, happy life together.
- Lenika, USA.
Congratulations, you two. Stella and I were thrilled when Susan told us the news. All the best to the two of you forever! P.S. The bride was beautiful!! I'm going outside now to look at the lunar eclipse.
- Cam & Stella, Thunder Bay, ON.
congratulations! I'm so glad that the beer that Tobin, Ashley and I gave you in Outback, Western Australia didn't kill you Kevin. We were worried about you! Happy travels,
- Anders, Tobin & Ashley, Canada.
Congratulations, you guys are looking real good. Must be the Aussie air, sea, sand, and beer. It's about time. Keep on biking.
- Zen & Cathy, Thunder Bay, ON.
You two seem to personify an outlook on life that I have taken to heart...our time here is brief , so eat the food, drink the wine, sing, dance, laugh and love...and all is much better when you share it with someone special!
Congratulations and continued wedded bliss!
- Matt, Australia.
Kevin and Aimee(probably because of your name,i.e., friendly)....best wishes for a great life in addition to what you have already done. I have spent a lot of time watching and reading your website. While you have travelled around the world I have mainly been spending time on inline skating in Canada and the U.S. (as of now I have accumulated 49,000kms). It is my second passion to my wife Marion who did some "teaching" you in Sunday School at First Church United. I will be inline skating on Sept. 28 from Athens to Atlanta in Georgia, US. It started about 20 years ago and is 3.5 marathons continuous. Up to date only 7 people over 59 years ever completed it. The two oldest ...one at 65 and one 67. I am now over 70.5 years young and I will be completing the race of 138 kms/89 miles.
Keep looking and enjoying your fantastic experience. My advice: KEEPING LOOKING FOR THE GOOD in people, learning, travelling of course and most of all continue to be happy with your future -- the both of you.
Best Wishes,
- Irby, Thunder Bay, ON.
Guess what happened? Okay...
You had lunch with the Prime Minister of Australia...?
Umm, brush with death involving a duck-billed platypus...? (are they native to Australia or just sound like it?)
Got jobs!? (no, that's just envy...)
No, wait... you struck a licensing deal with Matt Groening involving Kev and Aim on the Simpsons?
... or maybe you... HOLY FRICKIN' FRACK, YOU GOT MARRIED!!!? (... I just got your <- psst!)
Wow, congratulations you two. That's wonderful news. Where will you honeymoon?
- Donnie, Karen, Colin & Ryan,
Hockey Capital of the World
Kevin and Aimee:
Congratulations. We are all so happy for you. We all expected you guys to get married this way. The vows were beautiful just like you both. We love you and miss you both. Hope to see you soon and before you shock us all with news that you are going to have a baby or something.
   Miss you both. Your friends in Thunder Bay,
- Laurel, Cliff, Ian & Andrew, Thunder Bay, ON.
May your eyes stay filled with stars and your hearts with visions of dreams to come.
- Rosalind.
Congratulations!. I'm very happy for you both. You both look so radiant, beautiful and very happy. It must have been an amazing location for a wedding. Maybe one day we'll finally get to meet. If you ever get to Montreal you'll have a place to stay in my new "old" house.
- Bonnie & Eric, Montreal, PQ.
Hi Kevin and Aimee.
I am from Silver Islet and celebrated with your mom on Saturday afternoon with champagne and persian. I can also empathize with her as my son Jason and his wife Shelley got married in much the same manner in March (only in Barrie) Congratulations and many many years of bliss and travel.
- Joan, Thunder Bay, ON.
Hi Kevin & Aimee (the new Mr & Mrs Beimers).
Fantastic news! I hope that you have a great life together.
- Marinus Beimers, Lilydale, Vic.
Congratulations, you crazy kids. Welcome to married life! Make sure and look us up when you get back to New York!
- Gary & Kim, New York, NY.
I go to Nulsen Primary School. I seen you on the bike. You ride it very good. Kevin and Aimee you have nice wedding photos, and i hope you will stay together for ever
- Shayne, Esperance, WA.
I couldn't imagine a more perfect time or place for you to celebrate your intimate connection, frienship and love for one another..congrats guys!! We're sooooo terrifically happy for you both! xoxoxo
- Stasia & Gary, Thunder Bay, ON.
You're one beautiful bride. I loved the cake, the photos looked great, it looked liked the perfect wedding. I hear eloping is becoming quite popular once again, for many reasons, I know my husband and I wished we had just eloped, it certainly would have made things easier and more memorable for us. You both look very happy with each other.
   A toast... Here is to happiness for you both in your marriage and may forever adore and cherish one another until death do you part! (applause here)
- Name Withheld.
Good on yeah mate's we done. I'm lookin forward to having a drink with you to celerbrate when you get to South Australia! Bugger, I can't wait that long. I think I will have a drink now. Seriously I wish you all the best. If you can ride a bike around Australia then you can handle any thing TOGETHER :-) Best wishes from us at the Saunders Gorge Sanctuary...
- Brenton, SA
I Can't friggin believe it. Chris just called me and told me the good news... I knew you two where either gonna get married during your 48 State trip or in Australia. Good for you! Take care. Talk to you later.
- Nolan, Salt Lake City, UT.
I am so Happy for you both. Congratulations! May all your days together be blessed with joy and laughter, much love and adventure!
- Audrey, Vancouver, BC.
This is great news. As you continue with your busy lives, travelling the world, conquering new experiences have fun, continue to laugh together.
With warm regards,
- Liz & Terry, Thunder Bay, ON.
Congratulations to the both of you. I'm sure the ceremony was beautiful.
- Lori, Thunder Bay, ON.
Aimee looks fabulous and Kevin, well, umm, err -- looks like Kevin! :-D
Enjoy the rest of the trip and keep up the entertaining postings.
- Peter, Edmonton, AB.
Wow! Congratulations you guys! Welcome to the club! We wish you all the best in the years to come and if I wasn't a student and had money, then you probably would receive some small token of wonderfulness.. but alas...
- Bill & Audrey, Thunder Bay, ON.
hello, i am chris and mike's daughter, kate. i have just checked out your website for the first time and think it's wonderful. congratulations on what looks like a very beautiful and fun wedding. hope the rest of your travels goes well! take care, xx...
- Kate, Perth, WA.
Good on ya guys best wishes for a great life together
- Trevor & Family, Australia.
Congratulations... Have been following your adventures sice hearing about you on 6WF Perth, it looked a lovely day, all the best for the rest of trip.
A fellow solo cyclist from Perth
- Shirley, Perth, WA.
Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and fun! Wish we could have seen this happen but will be looking forward to a really BIG celebration party when you get home. How romantic...getting married barefoot on a beach. Love the dog.
May the wind always be at your back,
- Donna & Mark, Thunder Bay, ON.
It will be tough to pick out china, chrystal and flatware as you pedal across the Nullaboor. Perhaps you will post your choices on the giftshop website. That way those of us with whom you share so much of your life together will be able to extend the celebration to when (if?) you return to T.B.
- MJ, Thunder Bay, ON.
Just read this somewhere ........
"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."....Aristotle.
That about sums up your relationship.
- Kev's Parents, Thunder Bay, ON.
Congratulations Aimee and Kevin on a wedding as unique as you both seem to be. We hope if you are in St. Catharines or Pointe Au Baril you will call us. We would love to see you both. Best wishes for a long and happy future.
- Rich & Toby, St. Catharines, ON.
Congratulations. I wish you both the best. Aimee you looked absolutely beautiful.
- Liza, New Jersey.
Looks like you had a wonderful wedding. May God continue to bless you wherever you are and in whatever you are doing! Thanks for sharing your day with those of us who travel with you in spirit.
- Elise, Dan, Jordan & Julianna, Strathroy, ON.

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